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Internet Safety Tips
1) Do not send confidential information (bank card number, PIN code, passport data) via social media messengers. It is better to delete letters with scanned documents immediately after sending or receiving them; you do not need to store them in the mail.
2) If you go to the social network or mail from someone else's computer, do not forget to log out.
3) Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use. Protect yourself and save battery power. Be sure to turn off the Auto Wi-Fi feature on your phone or tablet.
4) Don't trust unverified Wi-Fi connections that don't ask for a password. Most often, cybercriminals use such networks to steal personal data of users.
5) Do not go to online banks and other important services through open Wi-Fi networks in cafes or on the street. Use mobile internet.
6) Remember: banks, services and shops never send letters with a request to follow a link, change your password, enter a bank card number and a secret confirmation code or provide other personal data!
7) Disable Siri on iPhone. Most likely, you do not use it, but scammers have already learned how to withdraw money through the Internet bank by voice commands.
8) Get multiple email addresses: personal, work and entertainment (for subscriptions and services).
9) Come up with a complex password, different for each mailbox.